Pole course for beginners
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4 week courses

Classes are group sessions with different instructors and different participants each time

Classes are found on the timetable and booked in the YouEra app 

Classes are prepared by the teacher and doesn't follow a specific plan.

The classes can take up to 16 participants

Classes are paid by a monthly membership or clipcard

Classes give you an opportunity to meet plenty of new awesome people

Courses have the same instructor and the same participants in each session 

Courses are signed up to and will be the same day and time each week during the 4 weeks

Courses have a stategic plan that the teacher follows to make sure you get everything you need to advance

The courses have 8 spots, for a closer follow up by the teacher

Courses are paid for with a one time payment

Courses tend to come with a slightly faster progress and new friends. 

Are you a complete beginner and not sure if you want to commit yet? We also offer 4 weeks intensive courses. After the 4 week course you can either pick one of the memberships, get a clipcard or continue to the next level course, which is a 4 week course as well. 

But what is the difference really you may think.


First pick a course that suits your own schedule. All available coures are found by clicking the button below. When you have purchased the course you will recieve a welcome email with more information.


Show up to your course with shorts, tights or pants, sportsbra, singlet and waterbottle. You don't need shoes.


Have fun, get strong, learn how to fly and meet new friends :D. 


We hope that you have had 4 wonderful sessions and that you want to continue training with us. Now you can either continue to the level 2 course or you can pick one of our memberships or clipcards to attend regular group sessions on your level.